Understanding Activation Campaigns

Brand activation is an event or campaign that a brand uses to build awareness and create a long-term relationship with clients and customers. 

Activation campaigns foster progressive and strong participation with a brand using tangible, effective or digital integrations. This is all about making a product or company come alive. This is mostly done for upcoming or new brands for more visibility and exposure. Also, already existing big brands can use this when considering rebranding for customers to know about the changes. 

Activation campaigns involve five major elements namely: POS campaigns, in-store customer journey, window displays, communications strategy and advertising. It involves moving your brand from one position to another in the mind of the target audience. 

It is important to note that the end goal of brand activation is not really to increase sales but to raise awareness thereby creating two-way communication with potential customers or clients. It is a process of ensuring potential clients or already existing clients become long-term clients. 

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