Become the Go-To Expert For Your Clients

One of the things that are really important for you to do in business is to master your craft. You must know your business inside and out. Part of that mastery is learning about your clients and their businesses too. Understand that success is something that will come to you when your name comes to mind in conversations that you are not even a part of.

Your clients will give you referrals when they are in conversation with their colleagues if you make sure that your name comes to their mind often, and in the right context. So here are three ways you can become the go-to expert for your clients:

Learn about their industry. Knowing what your clients do and who they interact with makes your life easier as a business person. If you want to build a referral-only business, you can do that so quickly when you know every detail about your potential clients. So if you focus on working with business coaches (or real estate agents, or lawyers, whatever!), then learn about what they do. Understand the programs and services they use to run their businesses.

Learn more about their clients. When you know about your clients, learn more about their clients. Where they find them, how they work with them, and how they network with them. Remember if your clients don’t have clients, they won’t need you. So if you can get a good idea of where they are connecting with their audience, you can keep an eye out for potential clients for them anywhere you travel.

Gather ideas, resources and suggestions for them. Be on the lookout for things that might help your clients in their business. If you are surfing Facebook and you see a sponsored ad from a colleague that might be an attractive model for your client, send it along. If you come across an interesting tool or resource that might make your work more comfortable with them – or their job more relaxed with their clients – pass it along. A little research can go a long way. We know my clients love it when we send off a new resource that we think might help them in their business.

Categories: Growth, Featured, NewsPublished On: February 26th, 2020
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