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How can brands ensure they stand out and create an impression that will last long in the minds of their audience? When a brand is successfully and actively placed in the minds of the target audience, they can make brand associations. These associations help the audience view, identify and perceive your brand in a particular manner. 

Brand positioning is very vital in building a solid brand image and reputation. A strong brand positioning is a degree to which a brand is seen and regarded as promising, beneficial, exceptional and reliable in consumers’ minds.

There are several techniques to build an effective brand positioning, here are 5 major ways.

Know your present brand positioning: To do this, the first step is to identify your target market. Then clearly state your brand’s values, mission and vision. Ascertain your Unique Selling proposition and value proposition. 

Know your competitors: Conduct a competitor analysis. Doing this will give you a competitive edge as you will be able to see what to do better. To know who your competitors are utilize social media platforms, ask your clients for feedback, use search engines. After this, analyse your competitor’s strengths and weak points.

Conduct a SWOT analysis: This process helps you know your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This will involve thorough research and sincerity. 

Create a positioning statement: The positioning statement is a representation of how the services or product fulfils the consumer’s needs. 

Train your employees: Employees are the face of the company. Their actions can make or mar the brand’s image or reputation. Help them take skill-developing courses. Explore various employee and skill development courses at the Vivid Skills Academy

Brand positioning helps you to gain customer’s loyalty and trust. This will go a long way, especially during a crisis.

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  • Social media is a powerful tool for expanding your brand recognition, establishing your authority in your niche, and reaching potential customers.

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