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Vivid Media's CEO’s Special Christmas Message: Spread The Love | Vivid Media Zimbabwe

Vivid Media’s CEO’s Special Christmas Message: Spread the Love

This pandemic has reminded us in more ways than one to be grateful for the things we have, including the cany of family, great friends and the priceless value of good health. So, amid the holiday rush in the middle of a lingering threat of the coronavirus, let us pause to reflect on these Christmas narratives and appreciate the blessings we have.

My wish is that we can all be ready to bring the spirit of Christmas to our people, not only this Christmas but every single day. Let us pause and remember our frontline workers and beloved family members who lost their lives fighting the coronavirus.

As governments worldwide call on citizens to skip the usual gatherings this Christmas and New Year holidays to curtail the coronavirus’s further spread, please let us keep to these calls as they are only for our health and safety.

As we celebrate this season, I hope that we give more compassion, understanding, and patience to everyone.

To all our valued clients, Merry Christmas.

Vivid Media CEO

Tinashe Zvakasikwa

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