Proper Content Management for Websites and Social Media

Content management is a comprehensive, collaborative and technology-driven process, which involves many individual sub-processes. These include: Content Creation - The process involves developing and editing the contents. Content Localization - It involves fine-tuning the content, style of delivery, translating it into native language users. Search

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Effective Social Media Management for Your Brand

Managing a brand's social media presence can be a demanding and time-consuming endeavour for companies. Since it has well and truly become an integral part of almost all brands' digital presence, managing the ever-growing social presence is now a full-time job. From managing the daily

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Digital Media vs Traditional? Which is the Best for My Business?

Media magnifies your marketing message, allowing you to tell people about your excellent products and services. Traditional media such as television, radio and print ads in newspapers and magazines have long been the primary outlet for advertising campaigns, but added to this now are digital

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Vivid Media [Pvt] Ltd Ranked on ‘The 10 Best Marketing Agencies in Zimbabwe (2021)’ – Sortlist

A successful branding company is more than just a creative agency or marketing firm that employs graphic and logo designers. Today, a well thought out brand strategy is essential to ensure that communications are consistent across multiple channels, such as ads, digital, website, etc. We

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Edu Pulse Magazine – The Leading EdTech, Business Magazine in Africa

Edu Pulse Magazine is an established leader when it comes to EdTech and Business news in and around Africa. Edu Pulse Magazine was first introduced in 2019, as an online EdTech magazine published by Vivid Media (Pvt) Ltd. Today Edu Pulse Magazine is always seeking to be a

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The Importance of Good Design For Online Success

A beautiful looking web site will not help your ranking, but it will help secure client interest and entice sales. Don't allow customers the chance to forget your name. Be remembered and maintain your presence.

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How To Become the Go-To Expert For Your Clients

Your clients will give you referrals when they are in conversation with their colleagues if you make sure that your name comes to their mind often, and in the right context. So here are three ways you can become the go-to expert for your clients:

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