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Our team of Public Relations, Business Strategists and Branding professionals come together to develop bespoke solutions that deliver measurable results against clearly defined business objectives, providing an outstanding return on investment. Everything all ties back to revenue. We love the art of forming, implementing, and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organisation to achieve business objectives with legitimate strategies. Our experience in growth strategy is at the centre of everything we create. We firmly believe that values and culture need to drive every aspect of a business.

A competitive position, sound business development strategy and clear strategic direction is fundamental to any successful business operating in any sector. We work with many established companies, government entities and SMEs in setting their strategic direction and business development goals. We are experts in developing and executing a business development strategy that delivers sustainable and profitable growth. Once we have devised a working plan, our role also involves advising our clients on implementation. We understand that for any approach to delivering results, it must be well executed. An experienced consultant will be dedicated to the client’s senior team to make it all happen. At Vivid Media (Pvt) Ltd, we value execution based on high-quality market intelligence and professional experience.

Business Development Strategy


Brand Development and Positioning

A well-thought-out brand strategy and plan based on high-quality research is much more than a collection of activities that generate good PR. It’s strategic positioning of the company. Active brand development and positioning can help improve relationships with stakeholders, secure new business, build a valuable reputation and establish brand affinity that has a direct impact on your bottom line. Typically, the brand development process begins with a brand communications audit, which takes the form of qualitative research to analyse the perceptions of stakeholders. Vivid Media will then work in partnership with our client to review the brand’s market position and profile. This goes alongside an editorial and social media audit to select the right mix of media outlets for an effective media relations campaign and development. This will inform the strategy and messaging throughout the PR narrative, including the targeting of different media channels and platforms to engage audiences.

At Vivid Media, we believe that marketing should deliver measurable results against clearly defined business goals and provide a strong return on investment. Marketing should be focused on creating value for stakeholders and achieving business outcomes, rather than administering tactics that don’t deliver results just for the sake of it. We work with our clients to help them develop marketing strategies that drive their strategic success and provide an outstanding strong return on investment. We build a comprehensive understanding of their business, their market, and their existing strategy and tactics. Harnessing our in-depth knowledge and unrivalled functional expertise, we develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, ensuring that every aspect of the client’s marketing strategy is genuinely adding value and delivering sustainable results that matter.

Marketing Strategy

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Brand Strategy


We believe that a well-defined and executed brand strategy impacts all aspects of a business and is directly connected to an audience’s needs, emotions, and options. Branding is at the core of everything we do. At Vivid Media, we help companies develop an identity, focus their mission and present their values and culture consistently and powerfully. Sometimes that means refreshing an outdated brand. Other times, we develop the brand from the ground up, utilising our expertise and experience in design, marketing and strategy to support the launch of a new company or product. We work with brands to develop an overarching brand strategy with tangibles like values, mission and messaging. Entrust the work of naming, logo identification and design, messaging, brand imagery, and guidelines to an agency with design-savvy and overarching strategic vision.

We specialise in connecting brands with their core audience and leveraging the right messages through digital channels to drive value. We were born from digital – online – it is our core capability of communication. We believe digital strategy should be driven by business goals and focused on the target audience. We use an integrated and flexible approach, utilising diverse skill sets across our team. Our process starts with a kick-off meeting. Once we understand the goals and expectations, we dive into our extensive discovery process. It involves target audience research, interviews with key stakeholders and an ongoing and collaborative line of communication with our clients. Our designers, developers and marketing strategists collaborate to ensure a well-designed, well-planned and optimised website from the beginning.

Digital Strategy


Market Research


We believe that for marketing to deliver results, it must be based on high-quality research and market insights. This too needs to be supported by in-depth sector knowledge and functional expertise. While nobody knows your business as you do, the media and digital landscape can be radically different from traditional marketing channels and tactics, which requires fresh ideas and a different approach. Our marketing research will help you to gain a deep insight into the media and digital landscape and give you an understanding of how your business fits into it so that we can position your business as the leader in your industry. The high-quality research and market insights that we develop together will serve as the foundation for planning and executing PR, digital and marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Vivid Media (Pvt) Ltd’s online reputation management services are equipped to tell your story and empower your brand online. We make decisions and opinions based on search results alone. Your business should not leave those results to chance. We help you to gain control of your digital reputation, present the best and most accurate information about your brand and get noticed for the right reasons. As a company founded in the search engine era, Vivid Media has years of experience equipping leading and upcoming brands with tactical reputation solutions and online services. We build, monitor, and influence relevant online content to accentuate the aspects of any story you want to be known for.

Online Reputation Management


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